Skin Care Product Allergies


Skin Care Product Allergies

Are Your Allergic to Your Denver Skin Care Products?

There is a wide range of ingredients in skin care products, all of which are targeted to do certain things. Though one product may seem like the answer to all of your issues, you may find yourself with an itchy red rash that signals an allergic reaction.

Though an allergic reaction to your Denver skin care products may be easy to identify, some sensitivities can creep up in the form of extreme dryness, flaky skin, bumps, or an uneven skin tone.

Your Skin Care Products May Be Causing Contact Dermatitis

Denver skin care products, makeup, and personal care products are all common causes of contact dermatitis. This form of dermatitis occurs when something touches the skin, rather than internal inflammation of the dermis.

There are two main types of contact dermatitis: allergic and irritant. Around 80% of all contact dermatitis cases are the irritant type, which is where your skin is irritated or sensitive to what you touched. This type will develop quickly after exposure and though many will consider the symptoms to be an allergic reaction that is not the case.

Allergic contact dermatitis is where the immune system gets involved, and the reaction tends to be more severe. This is where the body has a genuine allergic reaction to the product and takes a little longer to develop.

Diagnosing Contact Dermatitis

Without the help of a Denver skin care professional, it can be difficult determining contact dermatitis from other unrelated skin issues. The textbook symptoms involve red, raised bumps and itchy skin. However, the signs are not always as accurate or severe.

Your face is one of the most common places to develop mild contact dermatitis, and any prolonged dry patches, bumps, or redness should be taken to your Denver skin care specialist for examination. It is also recommended that you stop using specific products to determine which is causing the reaction so you can remove it from your routine.

Fragrance Is a Common Culprit

If you are still experiencing irritated skin after narrowing down your Denver skin care routine, your fragrance may be the cause. A scent can contain hundreds of different ingredients and research has shown that those ingredients are the most sensitizing skin care additives out there.

If you are experiencing an irritated or allergic reaction to your skin care products, contact Colorado Skin Care today to schedule an appointment with our dermatologist.


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