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Patient Success Stories


Roberta Hewson

Bilateral Hip Replacements

"Both of my formerly arthritic hips were replaced by Dr. William Gallivan Jr.

With a spinal block for both surgeries, that allowed me stay awake, I listened to Dr. Gallivan as he operated and coordinated with his team. I was able to watch the surgeries on the overhead monitors. I was able to listen as Dr. Gallivan operated- and when he and his team were calling out numbers, back and forth- it was like listening-in on an airline control tower group. They were making sure with all those numbers that my leg was going to be the proper length and that the implant would fit well.

I was back in my room for about three hours, and then walking around the halls. I felt good! Both times after surgery, Dr. Gallivan visited me in my hospital room and reported all had gone well. That made me feel even better. The day after each surgery, I was home. That’s how good it all went.

I felt so taken care of- Dr. Gallivan’s office set me up to have physical therapy people come to my home a few times a week for a few weeks. Then, a few follow-up visits with Dr. Gallivan, and approximately five weeks of PT.

On week six of each surgery, I was back teaching chair and mat yoga four times a week. I took it easy at first, felt my way, and within a few weeks I was back to my old self! My students remarked about my abilities so early on, and requested the name of my GREAT surgeon!

Additionally, Dr. Gallivan’s office staff are awesome- patient, understanding, kind, and knowledgeable.

Now, during COVID, I’m teaching on Zoom, walking three miles a day, dancing in my living room, and looking forward to dancing with the crowds again after COVID!"

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