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Patient Success Stories


Jerry Shalhoob

Right Knee Replacement

"When I had Consultation with Dr. Gallivan he informed me after reviewing my x-rays that my knee was well worn and that had options to take care of my problem, he said there are some drugs that will help for the short term and some injections that might give me temporary relief, he then said there is the other option of a total knee replacement, without a doubt I wanted to go for the total replacement, I asked him how long the recovery would be before I could resume my regular activities, which included kitefoil boarding my main sport, and standup paddle surfing, he informed me that do to my age that he would expect that in four to six months I should be able to resume my regular activities, he then asked me what my goals where, I told him that I wanted to be back in the water in 60 days, he then said we will see what happens, after successful knee replacement and some very intense physical therapy sessions with Nick Maly with Webber Physical Therapy I was able to get myself back in the water in 50 days, I did attack the P.T. like a new sport, I would highly recommend Dr. Bill Gallivan and Nick Maly P.T."

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