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Patient Success Stories


Joel Baker

Bilateral Knee Replacement

"I had my left knee replaced by Doctor Galvan in 2013. I was able to start riding horses within four weeks. I was back playing polo within several months in 2013. It took me over a year to get real comfortable on the tennis court. Because of the arthritic pain, I was getting from the right knee I was only able to play about an hour of tennis at a time.
At the end of October 2020, doctor Galvan replaced the right knee. The recovery time seemed to be much shorter. I started riding 16 days after the surgery and playing polo within 21 days. I also started hitting the tennis ball on the 15th day. I was able to start moving on the tennis court by the 30th day.

Before having a right knee replacement, I had a hard time playing much more than an hour of tennis at a time. I'm now playing two to three nights a week, two to three hours. I currently play polo two to three days a week, ridding six to 8 horses each time.
For the first time in 20 years, I'm able to walk down steep hills pain-free. I'm able to ski all day pain-free."

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