Covid19 Safety Precautions




We continue to follow CDC guidelines and are utilizing COVID-19 patient safety protocols to keep our staff and your children healthy. We want you to know that we have increased our safety procedures, so you can feel safe, secure, and confident in receiving care in our office.


Updated Check-In Process:

Upon arrival, we ask that patients wait in their car and call our office at 512-499-2452.At that time, you will be asked a series of questions to determine the appropriate entrance and room number for your appointment. We will call or text when an exam room is available.


Limited traffic:

We are asking that only one parent or guardian enter the clinic with your sick child.



All clinic staff are required to wear a mask, and we will also provide a mask for you and your child when you arrive at your appointment.


Telehealth Visits

Visits that are eligible for telemedicine include skin conditions such as rashes or warts, seasonal allergies, nasal congestion, sinus infection, upper respiratory infection without fever (including croup); head lice, and concern for pink eye (without fever or earache). Visits that are NOT eligible for Telemedicine include earache, strep throat, influenza, breathing difficulty (such as wheezing or shortness of breath), respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia, bronchitis, or asthma exacerbations, abdominal pain, headache, and urinary tract infection. For any questions, please call our clinic after 6:00 pm daily to discuss options with our staff. We thank you for joining in our efforts to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our patients and staff. offers advice from Barton Schmitt MD, FAAP, and these are the identical triage guidelines we use when you call our office. When wondering what to do for a particular symptom your child has developed, you can search by the body part affected or the symptom and obtain reliable medical advice. We are always happy to talk to you, but when you are looking for advice online, please choose this great resource over google.

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